100+Hawaiian Dog Names for Your Canine: Island Inspired Puppy Names

Hawaiian dog names: Aloha! Naming is an important part of getting a new lovely puppy breed. Whether you’re any dog owner, dog naming so much exciting and fun! It’s a part of the bonding process between dog and yours— you'll realize the moment when your dog obeys your order. Whether you’re looking for cute, unique, popular, male or female Hawaiian dog names, Read the cute list of Hawaiian and island-inspired dog names for the male and female puppy!
hawaiian dog names

Hawaiian Dog Names

We are so excited as you are to begin the cute list of boy or girl Hawaiian dog names, so let’s get started.
  • Bane (Child)
  • Kale (Seal)
  • Nalu (wave)
  • Kiko (Trigger)
  • Kai (ocean)
  • Keo (Hawaiian)
  • Kimo (James)
  • Lui (warrior)
  • Koa (fighter)
  • Liko (bud)
  • Malo (winner)
  • Keoki (hollow)
  • Keanu (breeze)
  • Mo (lord)
  • Mako (Rocky)
  • Tua (behind))
  • Moho (Champ)
  • Oahu (Island)
  • Poi (Diet)
  • Lupo (Wolf)
  • Hina (Goddess)
  • Nene (Bird)
  • Lilo (floating)
  • Kaila (Stylish)
  • Alana (Awakening)
  • Akela (lucky)
  • Anela (angel)
  • Kalia (beloved)
  • Ula (Red)
  • Hula (Dance)
  • Meli (Honey)
  • Mahina (Moonlight)
  • Nalani (Heaven)
  • Keiki (Child)
  • Noe (Misty)
  • Koa (Fearless)
  • Nani (Beauty)
  • Luana (Happy)
  • Malia (Calm)
  • Malana (light)
  • Noe (Strong)
  • Momi (Pearl)
  • Milani (touch)
  • Kika (Tiger)