Dog Names on Paw Patrol Character Names

PAW Patrol is a Canadian kid's television series. Whether you are a fan of Nick Junior animated TV series PAW Patrol. Then you must choose your favorite paw patrol character name for your own puppy.
Dog Names on Paw Patrol
Photo By: Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Character Names

Fortunately, there are some good choices to choose your favorite Paw Patrol dog names for your own boy and girl puppy!
Dog Names
  • Marshall (Dalmatian dog)
  • Rubble (bulldog)
  • Chase (German shepherd dog)
  • Rocky (white gray dog)
  • Everest (Siberian husky dog)
  • Tracker (Whitish Brown dog)
  • Zuma (water-loving dog)
  • Skye (flying dog)
  • Farmer Yumi
  • Sweetie (princess of Barkingburg)
  • Francois (Cap’n Turbot’s Cousin
  • Wally (pet walrus)
  • Ryder (A boy head of dogs)
  • Katie (A Young Girl Pets Doctor)
  • Sid Swashbuckle (A greedy pirate)
  • Jake (Sky resort owner)
  • Arrby (Sid’s dachshund)
  • CAP’N TURBOT (Marine Biologist)
  • Chickaletta (Mayor’s pet chicken)
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