German Shephard Dog Names and Their Meanings for Your Pooch!

Did you make the decision to get a German Shephard? Now it’s time to find perfect German Names to match their dominant, boundless energy and famous loyalty. Deciding on the best German name for such a loyal breed isn’t easy but don’t worry, we are here to suggest adorable police dog names for male and female! There are a lot of ways you can go to get inspiration from when deciding to name your new puppy. In this list, we have compiled over 50+ German dog names to fit guard dogs.German Shephard dog names

German Shephard Dog Names

Finding a solid, boundless energy German name is easy. Here are a few ideas of Shephard dog names and their meaning for your boy or girl pup:
  • Adler- "eagle"
  • Adolf- noble and wolf
  • Albert-"Bright"
  • Arnold- "ruler"
  • August- "magnificent"
  • Bruno– "Brown"
  • Max– "the greatest"
  • Raymond– "wise"
  • Roland– "famous"
  • Rolf– "famous wolf"
  • Waldo– "to rule"
  • Walter– "army ruler"
  • Arvin— "friend"
  • Clovis— "warrior"
  • Felix— "lucky"
  • Frido— "powerful"
  • Harbin— "fighter"
  • Luther— "warrior"
  • Hendrik— "ruler"
  • Donner— "thunder"
  • Dirk- "ruler"
  • Ella– "fairy maiden"
  • Elsa– "pledged"
  • Emma– "universal"
  • Greta– "pearl"
  • Leona– "lioness"
  • Liesel– "pledged"
  • Millie– "gentle"
  • Britta— "strength"
  • Nia— "bright"
  • Caroline- "Freeman"
  • Claudia- "Enclosure"
  • Edwina- "Friend"
  • Gretel- "ByMovie"
  • Hessia- "state"
  • Zelda- "Fighting"
  • Lola- "Sorrows"
  • Ziggy- "Protector"
  • Vienna- "Capital"
  • Maria- "bitter"
  • Mady- "maiden"
  • Joli- “pretty”